The Flock will be playable at GDC

February 27th, 2015

Here’s a short message for you all! First, we’ll be going to the Game Developers Conference next week, and you’ll be able to find us (Peter and Jeroen) at the Indie MEGABOOTH! The game is playable there all week, so please stop by, because we’re very interested in what you think of it.

Second, to warm you up for your session with the game: some new screenshots. Or if you’re not going to GDC: enjoy these new screenshots!

flock 2015-02-27 18-22-05-06 flock 2015-02-27 17-27-07-47 flock 2015-02-27 17-30-28-36 flock 2015-02-27 18-22-24-78
We’ll be sharing a lot more of The Flock in the coming weeks and month, leading up to the release. Stay tuned!

– Peter