GDC was everything we hoped for

March 11th, 2015

We went to GDC to achieve these two things: get feedback on the game from other (respected) developers, and get the press to play it. It’s safe to say that we succeeded at both of these! Me and Jeroen are still recovering from the tough week and the jet lag, but I wanted to give you all a round up, in no real particular order, of the press attention The Flock got.

VentureBeat: Student project or not, The Flock has a ton of potential
USgamer: Indies to Watch: The Flock, Vogelsap’s Creepily Brilliant Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game
Destructoid: The Flock is an intense, scary game of flashlight tag
gamesradar+: 12 interesting things we learned at GDC 2015
Cult of Mac: Become predator and prey in multiplayer creep-fest, The Flock [GDC 2015]オランダ生まれの非対称型アクションゲーム「The Flock」のシンプルながらも独特なゲームプレイに注目
Indie: Jeroen Van Hasselt – Vogelsap (The Flock)
Mogura: GDCで見つけた、発想がキラリと光るゲーム7選
Niche Gamer: The Flock is Like Fighting Weeping Angels with an Incendiary Flashlight
Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Hands On: The Flock
IGN: The Flock is a Playground Game Gone Wrong
Eurogamer: Claws-on with asymmetrical multiplayer monster game The Flock
Yahoo7 Games: 10 awesome upcoming indie game
HardcoreGamer: Hunt and Be Hunted in The Flock
NoFrag: The Flock à la GDC

The Flock is also mentioned in this USgamer article about what they learned from GDC; read the part about the saturation of indie games.

Last but certainly not the least: GameSpot made a video in which The Flock is called laxative of the year. This video contains never seen before footage. Enjoy!

I’ll update this post as more articles start coming in.

Over and out!

– Peter