Welcome to our development blog everybody!

September 22nd, 2014

Let me introduce myself first: I’m Peter and I take care of all the business we deal with when making our first title The Flock. I also handle press relations together with creative director Jeroen van Hasselt. But mostly business. I used to do some programming too, but then there was too much business stuff to do.

We’ve got something very exciting to announce very soon, and us putting up this blog is part of that. You’ll be able to read something interesting about our project at least once per week. You want to know more about how we programmed the Light Artifact? We’ve got you covered. You’re interested what we did to design the game? Stay tuned! Maybe you’d like an introduction to the team members. We’ll make this happen, so keep checking this blog if you like these sort of things. I’ve also got an amazing gamescom story to tell.

For now I’ll leave you to it! Have a great week, and I’ll write to you people soon.

– Peter