The Second Weekend

November 7th, 2014

The second weekend of the alpha is finally approaching! We hope all of you are ready for it. Gather your friends and gear up, because the next batch of keys for the testers of last weekend should be heading to you as I write this. The people who signed up during the last week should also be receiving their keys.

Thanks to all your helpful feedback and bug reports we managed to fix a large amount of bugs. Keep it up! You’re all helping us make this game better and better. We had a bit of uncertainty in a few areas of developing the game (the cause of problems isn’t always apparent!), but again, thanks to your helpful feedback we resolved a lot of issues. As you might be able to imagine, this week felt short. We managed to pull of twice the amount of work in nearly half the time!

We are also very interested in how good you guys actually our, so we made an achievement where you can prove your strength! Beat a developer (we have a little Vogelsap logo next to our names when we play the game), and you’ll receive the ‘Devmatch’ achievement. Note: this means you have to win the game. Losing the game but having more points than one of the Vogelsappers means you still lost ;-). If you find a way to get out of the level bounds you’ll receive an achievement too!

Here are some of the changes we’ve done: the frame drops (that look like lag spikes) should be reduced as well. We’ve also added a chat to the lobby screen. More scary sounds are working now. The Flock attack has been changed somewhat – it requires more skill now, so get practicing!

You can find the full changelog for alpha version 0.2.0 here.

Happy Flocking!