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The Flock is a first-person asymmetrical multiplayer thriller for 3 - 5 players. You get to play as one of the agile monsters that make up the Flock. Competing against the other monsters, you need to find and claim the Light Artifact. The player that finds the Artifact transforms into the Carrier, a slower and vulnerable humanoid. The game will feature three distinctive maps with their own tactics and level mechanics.

As the Carrier you need to fend off the Flock by shining your light upon them as they are attempting to gain the Artifact for themselves! The Flock are vulnerable to the Artifact's light, but turn to stone when they stand still; rendering them immune to the power of the Artifact.

When you are one of the Flock you must use your increased movability to find the wandering Carrier. Stalk it, frighten it, and pounce when the moment is right.


In early 2013, two Games & Interaction students of the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (Jeroen van Hasselt, Bo Zonneveld) pitched a game design for a second year school project. The school accepted the pitch, and development on The Flock began. The team released a teaser trailer, and various popular gaming websites picked it up. Interest was sparked.

Development continued throughout the summer vacation. The game was also exhibited at Gamescom in Cologne, VMGS in London and the INDIGO Showcase in Utrecht. Players reacted positively to the game. The Flock also won the ‘Best Student Game’ Dutch Game Award. After the summer vacation, the game was again pitched for school, but this time as a third year project. Vogelsap was also granted a government subsidy from the Dutch Gamefonds and Creative Funds NL to further develop The Flock.

On Halloween 2014 Vogelsap launched a closed alpha of the game, with over 10.000 signups and over 4.500 players.


  • Asymmetrical online multiplayer
  • Short, intense and thrilling matches
  • Constant role changing; hunt or be hunted
  • Nonlinear dynamic audio system
  • Only unscripted scares!
  • Global population system, bringing this adventure to a climactic ending.


The Flock Launch Trailer YouTube

The Flock Awakening Teaser YouTube

GameSpot: The Flock: You're Never Safe YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (20MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Two time INDIGO Showcase (Gamescom and Utrecht)" The Flock, 2013
  • "Virgin Media Game Space Showcase, London" The Flock, 2013
  • "Best Student Game winner, Dutch Game Awards" The Flock, 2013
  • "Most Promising Game nominee, Indie Prize Showcase (Casual Connect Europe)" The Flock, 2014
  • "Indie MEGABOOTH Selection, GDC 2015" The Flock, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "For a student project, it shows a high level of technical, design, and visual maturity."
    - Stephen Kleckner, VentureBeat
  • "This is what I meant when I said that I'm looking for more ambition from independent developers outside of the puzzle platformers and roguelikes that have lately become somewhat cliche. The Flock not only looks great, it's technically ambitious, leveraging the Unity engine's capabilities to great effect. And all this from a group who originally submitted The Flock as a second-year school project."
    - Kat Baily, USgamer
  • "But it’s also extremely pick-up-able. As someone who feels genuine angst before joining in a multiplayer FPS, in case my ineptitude ruins it for everyone else, in case I do so embarrassingly badly that I’m pushed down in the playground after, something like The Flock has even greater appeal."
    - John Walker, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Laxative of the year."
    - Alexa Ray Corriea, GameSpot
  • "Ever wanted an asymmetrical online multiplayer game about being constantly freaked out? You absolutely need to try The Flock, which has a simple setup but horrifying results."
    - Maxwell McGee, gamesradar+
  • "I didn't really think horror and multiplayer could mix well, but I found that this title was able to retain the best of both genres."
    - Alessandro Fillari, Destructoid
  • "But since if even understand rules linguistic hurdles low gameplay is attractive."
    - Okutani Kaito, 4gamer.net
  • "Tension you do not know even the time is attacked has produced the there is no fun in any game you have experience up to now."
    - Sunkubo, MoguraGames
  • "This is one of the most nail-biting multiplayer games I’ve ever played."
    - Geoff Thew, Hardcore Gamer

About Vogelsap

Vogelsap is a Dutch game development studio consisting of HKU University of the Arts and University of Utrecht students, all of whom were stubborn enough to start developing a full on 3D first person networked multiplayer game in their second year of school.

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The Flock Credits

Jeroen van Hasselt
Creative Director & Game Designer, Vogelsap

Max Plooi
Environment Artist, Vogelsap

Bo Zonneveld
Visual Designer, Vogelsap

Damir Popovic
3D Artist & Project Manager, Vogelsap

Joey Tan
Visual Designer, Vogelsap

Tigran Gasparian
Lead & Graphics Programmer, Vogelsap

Vazgen Gasparian
Networking Programmer, Vogelsap

Jeroen Verloop
Audio & GUI Programmer, Vogelsap

Bram van de Brink
Gameplay Programmer, Vogelsap

Felix Morilla Pulmano Jr
Music Composer, Vogelsap

Steven Hoes
Music & Sound Designer

Joyce Makker
Animator, Freelance

Elephant Ears
Audio & Sound Designer

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